Pernod Ricard (Christmas on a Great Street)

A School Project on the merchandises for Christmas Orchard Road 2012.

Illustration | A4| CMYK | Pernod Ricard | 

Musearts (A Music & Dance Company)


A recent commissioned work for Musearts.

Countless nights spent doodling conceptualising the logo, name cards and collaterals (the general branding / look & feel) paid off well, and honestly I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Oh yes, “art” and “arts” are two different matters; with the former being something visual and static (think painting), while the latter being one that comes more in the form of a theatrical performance (think dance), or so to say. Art management, baby.


About Muse Arts
Muse Arts aims to bring a fun, exciting and educational music and movement experience to children of all ages by exposing them to the fundamentals of music and movement in a controlled environment, with a goal to inculcate the right characteristics and skills for their future growth.

Developing your child through Music, Dance & FUN.

To be an arts enrichment hub to nurture future artist


The thing I really like about Musearts is that it prides in not taking itself very seriously. Don’t get me wrong though, they are really serious about their work; but when it comes to having what it takes to teach children, a focused mind is not going to be enough…

You have to have a quality in you that truly wants a child to smile and be happy. That quality, and that quality only makes teaching children enriching & effective; you can’t be too serious to do that.

You have to lay back, smell the foliage, and have a bit of fun :) This experience is intangible, and it lingers even as these kids grow older.

Like the saying goes, you can’t teach, if you don’t love teaching.

With that said, for the more information regarding this program, do contact Jacintha Tan, a close personal friend of mine and 'like' them on their facebook page.

Hey, the creative mind starts young I say.

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A Logo design that I did for a friend of mine.

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First Kiss

Everyone remembers their first kiss, and the sweetness it brings.

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The Hand Book

A Simple E-book cover that I did for my aunt, it was a fun non-commissioned project. Do check the book out. It was a brilliant read.

The link is as stated below.

"All man are born equal ; but why are some more successful than others? What secrets , knowledge do they possess that others are not aware of?

“The Handbook” , focuses on Mental and Moral aspect of life. The persons we most respect of , past and present, are not usually those with the deepest pocket, but those with highest standard of moral, character and personality.

For one to truly live and truly love, they first have to discover themselves and their true calling. The phrase ; ‘Help your neighbour as you help yourself’ - truly indicate that you have to first help yourself before you are able to extend your hands to others.

This site is aimed at provoking inner thoughts , encouraging self discovery and setting up goals for your life. Once you have reached that goal, turn around and help those around you, reached theirs too. Let’s all have a very pleasant journey…living life in abundance”

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PACC VII / PAMS XXXV Design Theme 2011

(PACC VII Front Cover)

(PAMS XXXV Front Cover)



I was given the opportunity, back in the month of July, to be part of the organising committee for PACC/PAMS 2011, which happened in Singapore from 28 July - 1 Aug. A military event that allows multinationals a chance to work on pressuring topics, a chance to work on how our armies are going to evolve with time.

I was being tasked to come up with the designs for the covers and internal pages for the programme booklet, and CD. After countless drafts, rejections, and times taken back to the drawing board, this was the finalised design.

The amount of time taken to layout the pages, colour correct, and to make sure the colours turn out right at the printers sure gives me a new found respect to magazine designers.

I gotta admit, my military life is pretty god damn interesting.

Booklet| A5| CMYK | PACC/PAMS Booklet for PACC/PAMS 2011|

I Design when I’m Free. (PACC/ PAMS)








A PACC/PAMS Booklet concept that I came up with during my free time. The designing of the booklet pretty much got me in touch much with Adobe Indesign; I got to say that though a bitch to learn, the program is a must know for all Graphic Designers/ Illustrators.

The laying out of the contents, the intricate details made to pages to allow easy reading. I now have a new found respect for layout artists I would say.

Booklet| A5| CMYK | PACC/PAMS Booklet for PACC/PAMS 2011|

Stephy wants to sign on.

I did this as a gift to a friend of mine, and she complained about me making her a 2nd Sergent instead of making her a Captain. Girls can never be pleased… alright, alright, just kidding.

I got to say that she made my BMT life a lot more interesting that’s for sure.

It sure is hell being trapped on that island with no hair.

Thanks girl.

Windows to your Macintosh.

Click link to view larger image.

There’s something different about you.

[Illustrations done via Illustrator CS2]


Not a design, but a project I did for my FYP back in my poly days. Do check it out, it sure was a fun experience. - Freddy Sparrow